Traveling with a Disability
It is possible to
travel with a disability.

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Senior Travel
How wonderful to be over the age
of 55 and 
want to explore the world!
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Multigenerational Travel
Nothing is better than
 spending time together as a family!
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Welcome to WinB Travel

‚ÄčIf you are looking for vacation planning that is catered to your individual needs, you have come to the right place.  WinB Travel is dedicated to making travel planning easy for the mature, multigenerational, and disabled traveler by insuring that all your needs are met.  Although no one is able to cover every possible scenario, we know which questions to ask to help avoid any potential surprises when you arrive at your destination. Best of all, if for some reason there are surprises, we have your back and are only a phone call away.


Welcome to WinB Travel, the agency that caters your vacation experience to your unique needs.  Here at our senior, multi-generational and disability travel business, we believe that neither age nor special needs should hold you back from having a wonderful vacation.

Vacationing as a Senior or as an Individual with a Disability: The Difference is in the Details

When you partner with our Salt Lake City, Utah agency, you can be confident that you will be paired with a compassionate travel agent who is very aware of vacation services for seniors, multi-generational groups, and individuals with disabilities.  During our initial consultation, we will make sure that we ask all the right questions about your extent of mobility, your comfort level, your interests, dietary requirements, and so much more. Our competent Salt Lake City, Utah agency will handle everything from flights to accommodations, to transportation, to cruise options, to excursions, to tours, and everything in between. No matter where you live in the United States or what your distinct needs are, WinB travel agency has the expertise and resources to help you!

Personalized Service Makes Senior, Multi-Generational, or Disability Travel a Breeze!

These days there are lots of methods when it comes to trip planning.  Unfortunately, many of these options tend to take a one-size-fits-all approach.  Because everyone has unique and individual needs, this cookie-cutter manner of vacation organization doesn’t always work. 

Our Salt Lake City, Utah senior and disability agency is committed to creating an entirely personalized vacation experience that is specifically catered to seniors, individuals with disabilities, and multi-generational groups across the United States.  For years, these people have been the least represented when it comes to vacation services.  This often caused individuals to flounder when making their own trip plans or to avoid vacationing altogether.  Now with WinB travel agency’s niche services for seniors, multigenerational groups, and those with disabilities, you can rest assured that your trip experiences will be completely customized to meet your unique needs.  Our agency will help you plan your entire trip from the initial consultation to the moment you return home from your trip.  

Contact WinB travel agency of Salt Lake City, Utah today to discover how vacationing as a senior, with multi-generational groups, or with a disability can be not only possible but also extremely enjoyable! WinB has helped individuals all over the United States plan their trips!