Agent Spotlight: Barrett Focuses On Showing Seniors and Disabled the World


The work of the travel agent is never easy, not only when it comes to guiding travelers on their way to vacation bliss, but also when it comes to finding that perfect niche that sets them apart.

For Winifred Barrett, experienced travel consultant for WinB Travel, her love for travel was matched with a greater concern for the way seniors and disable vacationers coped with exploring the world.

With her mission in mind, she began building her business by designing extraordinary all-inclusive vacations, cruises and tours in the Caribbean as well as Mexico around their specific needs.

As a result of working and traveling for many years as a volunteer for nonprofit organizations in addition to an airline, Barrett realized that people with disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, needed a voice — especially in the world of travel.

“I wanted to address some of their issues in the industry by giving my clients a voice to let them know that there is a life out there," said Barrett.

And this voice comes in the form of making a couple more phone calls or asking the right questions to ensure her customer has the right shower chair in the bathroom suite or that a traveler with a broken foot does not have to do excessive walking.

“I have enough tools to give them what they want they are looking for and I pride myself in going the extra mile.”

And this pride was profoundly displayed when finding that ideal penthouse suite on a cruise for a customer along with friends whose biggest demand was a room with a balcony. She also lent a helping hand by double checking the itinerary for a paraplegic who wished to take his wife on a cruise for their 25thanniversary, and was there to make sure all of his needs were met precisely.

With a strong drive to provide the best experiences for her customers, Barrett's deepest rewards come from the continuous positive feedback she receives, which is honorably noted on her website.

She even encourages her clients to tell her about their interesting stories, and adds a special touch with a complimentary dinner for two or specialty cruise ship dining gift card — something the robotic algorithms of the Internet just cannot do.

“I try to make their whole experience personable and memorable by listening to be able to communicate their ideal vacations to them. They may know what they want, but I know how to get it.”