Q: What about traveling with a service animal?

A: Service animals are always allowed wherever you go in the USA, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Island. If you are traveling internationally, additional documentation may be required for both land and sea. Please call WinB Travel at 801-209-3438 so we can address your specific questions and needs. Your service animal will be allowed inside the cabin of the airplane, in your stateroom on a ship, and your hotel room. It is very important that you notify us as early in the booking process as possible, so we can make sure we are providing all the right accommodations for you and your service animal.

Q: I am unable to walk at all. How will I get from the airport terminal into the airplane? And what if I have to use the restroom during the flight?

A: We strongly recommend you use the restroom before boarding. The airport restrooms are larger and more accessible than the ones on the planes. If you have to use the restroom during the flight, the flight attendant has a special wheelchair to assist you. If you need other assistance, besides getting to the restroom, you will need to have a traveling companion so they can help with your personal needs.

Q: I have an electric scooter that I would like to travel with. Is this possible?

A: By all means bring your scooter. We suggest that when flying, you arrive at the airport early and check it in and then use the airport wheelchair to get you to your gate. It is also very important that you let us know what type of battery your scooter uses. We have to inform the airlines of this information. Please be patient and allow the airlines the additional time to bring it up to the gate for you upon arrival to your destination.

Q: I have to use oxygen on a regular basis. Will the airline and cruise ship have this available to me?

A: Airlines and cruise ships do not provide oxygen. They will allow you to bring a portable oxygen concentrator for use while traveling. You will need to provide documentation from your doctor stating that you or your traveling companion has been trained on its use. Also, there are only a few concentrators allowed by the airlines. Please check with us so we can advise you which ones they are.When traveling on a cruise ship, WinB Travel can arrange to have oxygen delivered to you before sailing and depending on which ports you will be going to, we may be able to have it delivered there as well.

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